Who am I ?

By | January 16, 2016

Hello there!

Well it’s about me (and no, not as in drunken state or searching for the higher meaning of life on this planet).

Anil Sharma is my name. I was born in a village called Bihaspur which is in Bhadohi (SRN) district near Allahabad, UP, India. My father was in Indian Air Force, so my childhood was spent wherever he was posted – Jodhpur ( Rajasthan), Allahabad (UP), Ludhiana (Punjab). Schooling happened in all these places. Only year 11 of schooling happened in Chennai when I was selected for a sports hostel to train for Volleyball. I was passionate about volleyball and played at junior nationals and university.

Graduation (BSc) I did from a college in my native district – Kashi Naresh Postgraduate College. This was 1990. Masters I did in Computer Applications from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, India. I finished masters in 1993 from BIT. In my first job I worked as a Scientist Fellow at CEERI – a government of India research organisation in Electronics. There after I joined a private firm in Delhi in 1995, and they sent me to the USA in August 1996. I worked in the USA for over 5 years in California, Maryland and Virginia.

After 9/11 I moved to the UK in 2001. I have been working here since then. Oh! by the way if you haven’t already figured – I work in software development field. I do lot of other things as well but my bread and butter is software development.

That’s a brief intro of me. Let’s get to interesting stuff about India, life and my passions.

Happy reading !

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