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Who am I ?

Hello there!

Well it’s about me (and no, not as in drunken state or searching for the higher meaning of life on this planet).

Anil Sharma is my name. I was born in a village called Bihaspur which is in Bhadohi (SRN) district near Allahabad, UP, India. My father was in Indian Air Force, so my childhood was spent wherever he was posted – Jodhpur ( Rajasthan), Allahabad (UP), Ludhiana (Punjab). Schooling happened in all these places. Only year 11 of schooling happened in Chennai when I was selected for a sports hostel to train for Volleyball. I was passionate about volleyball and played at junior nationals and university.

Graduation (BSc) I did from a college in my native district – Kashi Naresh Postgraduate College. This was 1990. Masters I did in Computer Applications from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, India. I finished masters in 1993 from BIT. In my first job I worked as a Scientist Fellow at CEERI – a government of India research organisation in Electronics. There after I joined a private firm in Delhi in 1995, and they sent me to the USA in August 1996. I worked in the USA for over 5 years in California, Maryland and Virginia.

After 9/11 I moved to the UK in 2001. I have been working here since then. Oh! by the way if you haven’t already figured – I work in software development field. I do lot of other things as well but my bread and butter is software development.

That’s a brief intro of me. Let’s get to interesting stuff about India, life and my passions.

Happy reading !